Three areas of intervention (Professional evolution + Salutogenesis + Transition Leadership), three complementary services offered with some interventions in several structures and business sectors (international groups, SME-SMI, TPE, associations and foundations, medico-social, automotive industry, pharmaceutical, services companies) and with individuals, including coaching professionals or therapy professionals (holistic supervision).


Business & Executive Coaching

A holistic support that makes introspection, sharing of fertile ground, and communication a source of innovation. A commitment to short or long-term support. In order to speed up the process, the Map Up® method and the Talent Topology Test are offered (see methods »).

Coaching practice in Paris (F-75002), in Freiburg im Breisgau (D-79104) and other locations on request. Online coaching is also offered.

Common coaching topics:

Professional evolution: To be consistent and flourish.

  • Integrate a new position or function: Define your vision of the position, identify your resources and your areas of progress needed in order to succeed.
  • Orientating your career: making your career a fulfilling one, professionally, spiritually and financially.
  • Professional report: To give an account of your background, skills, talents, intrinsic motivations, and career aspirations. This report helps to define your professional future.

Salutogenesis: To create and maintain good physical and mental health

  • Reconciling work and health
  • Blending work and family
  • Returning to your job after a long period of ill health
  • Going about your profession with poor health.

Transition Leadership: to govern, direct, and manage with good judgement and ethics.

  • Being an inspiring leader
  • Manager or lead with ethics
  • Accompany the transition from the world of work
We are happy to answer any questions and will issue a non-binding quote on request.

Online Coaching: Years of professional experience and intercultural skills allow me to offer the possibility of an online coaching service (skype and telephone). Skype and the telephone allow us to make business and communication instant and global. Using these methods we can work intensively and constructively on areas such as career, professional relations, management and governance, no matter what geographical distance is involved.

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Initial or continuous training

Training organization with declaration of activity registered under the number 11755737275 with the divisional officer of Ile de France region. Emergence of Excellence Sas offers an interactive pedagogy, a collective intelligence approach, a real form-action that supports awareness, the definition of concrete actions and thus personal and professional evolution. The programs are customised and designed by Anita Olland. Personal and professional and operational training, individualized or for a team or for a group (intra-company).

Konferenzen und Debatten


Designed for you, taking into account your historical and current situation and the expectations and needs of an interested audience.

Emergence of Sas Excellence proposes debate conferences to inspire individual and collective reflection, a real stepping stone for change, accountability and the opportunity for relational communication. Solutions oriented and very interactive, these collective times allow everyone to go over their perception, to consider other modes of operation, and to exercise their communication relationship.

Contract and quoted offer on request.

Examples of Topics : Preventing Burnout, Woman and Careers, Retain Talent, Professional Projects and Internal Mobility, Developing Mindfulness, Self-ecology, Motivational Psychology, Salutogenesis, Dare to be Your Best Self. Other options on request.