Taking a new look at your career plan becomes a key condition for sustainable employability, a major issue in the 2018 reform on vocational training. Positioning oneself with respect to one's professional future, is a manner of considering the fulfilment of one’s talents, the expression of their vocation, or, at least, professional well-being through a daily commitment that makes sense.

The principle of the notepad is to propose theoretical and practical contributions in order to support a personal reflection and to propose exercises and spaces of expression in order to transform the test of the awakenings and learnings into concrete actions in order to solve the problems encountered before reading the notebook.

This book is a self-coaching tool that accompanies, as well as puts into words and expression, a project that would make the person visible to employers and/or partners and/or potential peers. A notebook to take into account their dreams and their realities and thus transform their life and the world around them.

This guide caters to those who are employee or job searching, apprentices, students or PhD students and the professionals who accompany or mentor them (manager, HR or loaded (e) professional or professional integration coach).

Available in bookstores from November 2018 (currently only in French language).

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