Solutions for human excellence

Solutions: Free yourself from the limits imposed upon you by diving into the depths of your own self and the possibilities within you. This process will create the momentum for change.

Human: Building on our three skills regions (brain, heart, body) and our conscience we can enter into an alliance with our own life and drive its growth.

Excellence is within each and every one of us: Strive to be your best and achieve your own excellence. Constantly aim to surpass yourself and seek to exude the kind of qualities that can enrich the world.

In this world of very fast and constant change there is a transition to be created from our deepest aspirations, our dreams, visions and hopes. External changes take root from within and are expressed via our capacity to connect with both ourselves and humanity as a whole. Anita Olland invites you to a human experience worth sharing, and is committed to being by your side in order to get you to be the best possible you!

Coaching firm in Paris (F-75002), Freiburg im Breisgau (D-79104) and other venues upon request. Online coaching is also offered. .

You are looking for:
  • + professional development
  • + consistency in your professional life
  • + knowledge of yourself and your potential
  • + meaning and spirituality when it comes to your choices and actions
  • + equilibrium for your life in general
  • + happiness, well-being and vitality
  • + constructive professional relationships and professional networks

Anita Olland

My promises:
A warm welcome: and the assurance of the confidentiality of our discussions. An invitation to take good care of yourself, your aspirations and your source of inspiration.
Communicative vitality: identify the source of your aspirations and professional projects. Establish a form of energy that allows you to build on points you have in common with others so you can integrate socially and professionally.
Taking a step back , perspective variation: take stock of what your true duties and responsibilities are. Discern what is essential and what is not.
Holistic coaching: which allows you to identify the origin and the structure of your difficulties, to reveal your resources, to consider everything about your life, to welcome your ambivalences, to connect divergences and to discern the essential aspects of your life. All this will help you to bring out solutions and move forward in an ideal direction.

years of experience in education and in-service training in both Africa and Europe


years of experience in Business & Executive Coaching in French and German


working languages: French + German + English

  • Find your inner compass: Your coherence and inner unity is what guarantees your strength of conviction and your ability to make decisions.
  • Reconciling the material and spiritual aspects of your professional and personal duties and responsibilities: Your inspiration helps create a vision and a meaningful purpose for everyone.
  • Consolidate your self-esteem and gain gratitude and trust in life: Your innermost commitment is to communication, responsibilities and mobilization.
  • Rehabilitate your body and your heart’s qualities: Your inner wellbeing and humanity can structure your working environment and create balance in relationships.


Three areas of intervention (Professional evolution + Salutogenesis + Transition Leadership), three complementary services offered with some interventions in several structures and business sectors (international groups, SME-SMI, TPE, associations and foundations, medico-social, automotive industry, pharmaceutical, services companies) and with individuals, including coaching professionals or therapy professionals (holistic supervision).

  • «Whatever you dream of, start doing it. Audacity comes with ingenuity, power and magic»
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • «If you refuse your own fight, we will make you the fighter of a cause that is not yours.»
    Jean Rostand
  • «It is a great art not to sell one's soul to the company but rather to give a soul to the company.»