Some of the innovative methods that I have used and the research works that inspires my universal development and professional practices.

Holoenergetic® and the works of Dr. Laskow

Over the years there have been many scientific advancements in understanding intelligence (IQ), then emotional intelligence (EQ), then our second brain (neurons in the belly); Dr. Laskow, through scientific research and shared personal experiences, has demonstrated the intelligence of the heart and developed the Holoenergetic® Healing Method.
Holoenergetic® in English and in French.

Map Up® Mapping

This method aims to support the company's talent management policy in an efficient manner. It allows any individual to:
  • Bring to light her specific innate talents, as well as her deep intrinsic motivations.
  • Discover their natural dispositions to undertake a mission, job or projects successfully.
  • To reclaim the mechanisms of optimal personal and professional efficiency.
Anita Olland has worked as a Map Up ® practitioner for companies and individuals since 2003.

Topology of talents

This test , inspired by the test of the Centre of Professional Gravity (CGP), permits you to define the optimal socio-professional function of each person, the one where the person will naturally tend towards their professional efficiency. It indicates, in a concrete and practical way, the best role and the real added value that the person can bring to their company, while responding to their need for personal fulfilment.

Psychology of motivation according to Paul Diel

Paul Diel (1893-1972) was a French psychologist of Austrian origin, a philosopher by training, he also worked a lot on the symbolism in Greek mythology and the biblical texts but also on education. He was an actor, novelist, and poet before turning definitively to psychology. He deepened his own research in psychology under the influence of the discoveries of Freud and Adler, working especially on dreams and myths and establishing contact with Albert Einstein who particularly appreciated his scientific approach in psychology. He went against the prevalent, official psychology of his time, especially with his work on the psychology of motivation, which is a complete psychological theory. Now recognized by researchers at the University of Reims as the precursor of the psychology of motivation, Paul Diel tenaciously rehabilitated introspection by showing that it is a natural function whose maturation gives meaning to human evolution. Of his work, Einstein said that it was "a cure for the ethical instability of our time".

Neurosciences and meditation

The works of Maurice Legrand on the functioning of the brain and the works of many others before and after him demonstrate the capacities of the mind. In recent years scientists have been studying the power and effects of meditation (Cf file in magazine, May 19, 2016), a discipline practiced in various forms by Anita Olland for 28 years.
Anita Olland in collaboration with Stéphane Leluc de Kalapa Academy offers interventions "Mindfulness in business"

NLP, works of Robert Dilst and personal development

Anita Olland is a Master Practitioner in NLP (from the Institut Ressources Belgique) and has participated in several of the international seminars of Robert Dilst ("Archetypes and Identity" "Crisis- transition- transformation".)

Clean language

The personal metaphor offers mediator support; the “Clean Language”, a posture of listening and questioning. The approach was developed by David Grove, a therapist from New Zealand. He emphasized that the use of the exact words of the client and questions without interpretation or distortion allows the client to explore their own metaphors and to meet their own personal obstacles. They can recognise their resources and take new points of view to reveal new perspectives. This approach allows the person to be fully aware of their own processes without the facilitator's interpretation. It leaves room for self-organization. Anita Olland is a practitioner of Clean Language , trained by Jennifer de Gandt then Bogena Pieskiewicz, author of the book “Clean Coaching ( and uses the clean cards developed by Silvie de Clerck.
Anita Olland is a practitioner of Clean Language , trained by Jennifer de Gandt then Bogena Pieskiewicz, author of the book Clean Coaching and uses the clean cards developed by Silvie de Clerck.
Hans-Peter Wellke und Bettina Wellke :

Qi Qong Dancing

Der Qigong Tanz, der “Tanz der vitalen Energie”, wurde von Gertrud Schröder erschaffen und entwickelt, die 20 Jahre lang in Frankreich, Deutschland, Österreich, Polen u.a., gelehrt hat. Diese körperliche und philosophische Praktik ist auf den traditionellen Formen des Qigongs (etablierten, vom Tierreich inspirierten Bewegungen), aufgebaut und hat sich dann in Richtung spontaner Bewegung entwickelt, durch die das Individuum sich ausdrücken kann, und seine eigene Energie entfaltet.


Qigong Dancing is the dance of vital energy. It was created and developed by Gertrud Schröder who has been teaching for 20 years in France, Germany, Austria, Poland and beyond. This corporal and philosophical practice is based on exercises related to the traditional forms of Qi Gong (established movements inspired by the animal kingdom) and then evolves towards spontaneous movements through which the individual seeks to express himself, and to deploy his own energy.